The Galerie nächst St. Stephan represents a living tradition of exploring the art of the modern era. It has been located since the 1920's in the same place in the center of Vienna at Grünangergasse.

With the exhibition: Zeichen, Fluten, Signale - neukonstruktiv und parallel ("Signs, Waves, Signals - Reconstructive and Parallel") Rosemarie Schwarzwälder presented a program in 1984, which featured basic elements that have proven relevant in numerous solo and group exhibitions up to the present. International positions of abstraction and concept-based art in the areas of painting, sculpture, installations, photography and video have maintained a continuous presence in the program of the gallery.

"It became taken for granted that nothing relating to art could be taken for granted any longer." (T.W. Adorno) Modern or contemporary art today needs discourse. Organizing symposia and independent publications is part of the gallery's self-image. Issues of the development of art, international cultural comparisons and the validity of aesthetic criteria have been addressed in publications.

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