Miao YingA Field Guide to Ideology

Museum Exhibition
Art Museum at the University of Toronto
2 Feb2 Apr 2022

A Field Guide to Ideology

Miao Ying: A Field Guide to Ideology (苗颖: 精神实用宝典) is the first presentation of Shanghai/New York-based artist Miao Ying in Canada. This exhibition features new iterations of her two recent projects Chinternet Plus (亲特网+, 2016) and Hardcore Digital Detox (硬核数据排毒, 2018). A first-generation internet artist in China and a dual netizen of the Chinternet and the World Wide Web, Miao Ying examines official and popular Chinese internet culture thriving behind the so-called Great Firewall.
Commenting on a recent Chinese economic strategy Internet Plus—involving the rebooting of traditional industries through cloud computing, big data, and lifestyle branding—Miao Ying’s Chinternet Plus is a parodic and critical take on the cultivation of a new, counterfeit ideology complete with promotional videos, seductive imagery, logo designs, wallpaper, and concept slogan. Its companion work Hardcore Digital Detox—a caricature of #spiritualretreatinchinternet—turns focus to the proliferation of experience economy and commodification of lifestyle in a post-materialist society.
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  • Courtesy: Art Museum at the University of Toronto
  • © Miao Ying Studio

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