Beyond BaroqueContemporary Art at Schloss Waldegg

Public Exhibition
Feldbrunnen-Sankt Niklaus
27 Aug25 Sept 2022
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This year’s exhibition Beyond Baroque will take place at the stunning Waldegg Castle, Canton of Solothurn, bringing together fourteen Swiss and international contemporary artists whose artistic practices demonstrate an intimate yet unexpected visual relation with the traditional formal vocabulary of the Baroque period. The artworks included in the exhibition highlight different aspects of the permanence and reinterpretation of the Baroque style in contemporary art and in today’s society, offering a fresh and surprising insight into this subject. Artworks of different media – drawings, paintings, videos, sculptures, installations, and a music performance – enter into dialogue with the architecture of Waldegg Castle and some of its most iconic, historic holdings.
The exhibition is conceived and curated by Dr. Valentina Locatelli. Curatorial assistant: Giulia Busetti.
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  • Daniele Molajoli
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