CO-EXTENSIVEincluding works by Michał Budny

Public Group Exhibition
Curated byFilip Šenk
Galerie Rudolfinum
Czech Republic
19 Oct 202321 Jan 2024

Making the Dawn

Thesis: The concepts of "place" and "space" as an accurate way to capture the contemporary world, especially the direct experience of the lived world.
Images (in a very broad sense) form an ever-present part of our everyday experience. This simple fact has many implications and one of the key ones is the dominance of illusionism with its inevitable openness to manipulation. What presents itself as a representation of reality is often a simulacrum. The exhibition should therefore present images (including sculpture and installation art) that challenge automatic virtuality and thus place themselves in an ambiguous situation: to be an image and yet disturb illusionism. In other words, the key moment is the interpenetration of pictorial and physical space. Making anti-illusionism a key moment in a work of art is, in my view, one way to preserve the possibility of meaningful and exploratory thinking through art. The blending of visual and physical space creates a framework for art that captures the contemporary conditio humana. Such a framework is, in my opinion, best described as a place-making event. The image thus touches reality with the formation of place: the image becomes the event that establishes place. It is the movement of the observer (both physical and mental) that measures the image.
Such a line of thinking is also based on readings of P. Francastel, H. Damisch, D. Summers and P. Sloterdijk, as well as on observations in post-World War II art history, especially in the artistic thinking traditionally referred to as minimalism, and subsequent reactions. With the works of D. Judd, D. Flavin, L. Bell, to name a few, and then with R. Serra, E. Hesse, K. Malich, a gap or fissure between the world and its representation was created, which is still being explored in contemporary art.
I am interested in topologically oriented thinking (or forms of thinking close to it), which reflects formed relationships and connections better than rigid formal analysis. I am most interested in continuity and moments of interpenetration that accurately capture the experience of the contemporary lived world (continuity over fragmentation). Such an approach highlights the relationships and connections between formed forms and contingent moments, as well as manifesting the ambiguity of concreteness and generalization, as well as direct bodily presence and highly abstract (scientific) thinking.
These relations make it possible to capture and grasp some key moments of the actual human situation. In particular, the strong tendency towards the placelessness of the modern environment. The exhibition therefore emphasizes the situatedness of man and environment. Place cannot be separated from its observer and in every place, despite its clearly defined boundaries, we also encounter the infinity and fluidity of space. It is artistic expression that allows us to see this tension and open interface from the inside: to participate in the making of place and the happening of art.
Participating Artists: Marion Baruch, Larry Bell, Michał Budny, Angela Bulloch, Simon Callery, Ann Veronica Janssens, Anthony McCall, Jaromír Novotný, Robert Šalanda
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