Daniel KnorrArtist book, 2017materialization, found objects, and video

Public Event
Documenta 14
Athens Conservatoire / Odeion
8 Apr19 Jul 2017

Daniel Knorr
Artist book, 2007 – open

This book project is now in its 11th edition in a series of artist books begun in 2001 in Romania. Found objects collected in public spaces are inserted between the pages of the book and pressed with more than 30t. Each edition is made in a different country and has the same size. The current edition is released in a run of 1000 copies. A global encyclopedia of books from as many countries as possible is the aim of the project. Thus far, editions have been made in Romania, China, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Sweden and Armenia. Istanbul, Los Angeles and Berlin are the first city books. The present book, the 11th edition, was issued on the occasion of Daniel Knorr's participation at documenta 14th in Athens in 2011. The book includes a Memory Stick on the last page with a film documenting the process of the making of the book.
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