Daniel KnorrRinde

Public Exhibition
Sat, 29 Apr 2023
Schwartzsche Villa
3 Mar29 May 2023
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Daniel Knorr's exhibition Rinde (Bark), curated by Christine Nippe, is dedicated to sensibility as a recurring current in our time. Under the curatorial guiding principle Empathic Spaces, Knorr shows works that literally get under the skin. Daniel Knorr (born 1968 in Bucharest) is one of the most innovative conceptual artists of his generation. In addition to numerous international exhibitions, Knorr designed the Romanian pavilion at the 51st Venice Biennale and participated in Documenta 14.
While the work Tree Hug takes up the escape from everyday life into nature, other works from different creative periods go below the surface and question the viewer and his inner emotional states. In addition, new works are shown alongside older works, such as the sculpture Laundry, Peardrop, which was painted by a converted car wash and is a further development of the performance Laundry. Colorful acrylic paints have left their traces on the surface of the car model from the converted car wash: An Automatic Action Painting!
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