Herbert BrandlExposed to Painting
The Past Twenty Years

Museum Exhibition
CuratorRolf H. Johannsen
Belvedere 21
31 Jan26 Oct 2020
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Exposed to Painting
The Past Twenty Years

With his large-format imagery, Herbert Brandl ranks alongside the most successful contemporary painters in Austria. Landscape as a subject has always been dominant in his work, which alternates between painterly abstraction and objectivity. Since the turn of the new millennium, Brandl’s passion for the monumentality of mountainscapes has become increasingly apparent. Using various formats and techniques, the painter has reinterpreted the subject of mountains, playing with expressive gestures, abstract color spaces, and massive shapes. From late January 2020 the Belvedere 21 will be presenting an exhibition of Brandl’s oeuvre that focuses on work produced over the past two decades, including pieces that the artist has created especially for this exhibition.
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  • Courtesy: Belvedere, Vienna
  • © Belvedere, Vienna

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