Jongsuk YoonGANG SAN

Museum Exhibition
Art Sonje Center
South Korea
23 Jan11 Feb 2018


Art Sonje Center presents Jongsuk Yoon’s first solo exhibition in Korea entitled GANG SAN. Her works are in the form of often very large-scale oil paintings and drawings. The wall paintings she will show in this exhibition are a further development of her work, incorporating her characteristic graphic gestures. The effect of using the walls themselves as the vehicle for painting gives a more raw and pure feel. The very nature of applying the paint straight onto the wall requires an economy and decisiveness, which is very evident in the finished result.
Yoon’s inspiration comes from nature. She paints landscapes in the form of free abstract compositions incorporating some figurative elements. The viewer is engulfed by the sheer scale of the work and is drawn into this art object experiencing the feeling of nature in its completeness. In these compositions, it is the relationship between the forms that is foremost and is the first aspect of the works that confronts the viewer. However, time and deeper contemplation will reward the viewer with much more, as inward human landscapes of emotion and expression open up. The closer we look and involve ourselves in a dialogue with the works the more clearly we can see how these inward and outward landscapes merge with each other and emerge as a whole on the canvas. Forms and lines produced in a spontaneous, natural process overlap and build up layer upon layer in the paintings. Traces of former thoughts that have been rubbed out remain on the canvas as a history of the process, like palimpsests. All these individual gestures and marks record varying emotions and appear as an accumulation in the finished image.
Yoon has lived and worked in Düsseldorf for the last 20 years. She studied at the Düsseldorf Kunstakademie with Prof. Fritz Schwegler. Her life as an artist started in Germany and it gave her the advantage of experiencing a very free Western approach to art and allowed her artistic development and expression to grow and mature. German Expressionism, with its emphasis on the artist’s inner feelings has made a strong impression on her, whereas having lived till adulthood in Korea, the influence of Asian life and culture has also left its mark, es-pecially traditional Korean paintings like Minwha and Sansuwha. The graphic, gestural and sometimes violent brushstrokes in her paintings have something of both cultures, Minwha and German Expressionism.
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  • Courtesy: Art Sonje Center, Seoul
  • © Art Sonje Center, Seoul

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