Daniel KnorrInstant Community2013 / 2018, 2500 metres of aluminium wire on a spool, 100 x 100 x 160 cm

Public Event
CuratorChristoph Doswald
Neuer Norden Zürich
9 Jun2 Sept 2018
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In the Auzelg neighbourhood, which is located in Zurich’s outskirts and has been shaped by the activities of “Stiftung Wohnungen für kinderreiche Familien”, a foundation that provides accommodation for families with many children, Daniel Knorr (*1968, DE) presents a performance-based installation: its title, Instant Community, already suggests that this work can create community. Accurately wound onto a wooden cable spool, 2500 metres of aluminium wire await the exhibition’s visitors in an empty former neighbourhood shop. The wire is soft and flexible. The artist’s intention is for it to be activated by the public, who can unwind it, deform it and gradually occupy the space with it. Despite the process having been initiated by Daniel Knorr at the exhibition’s opening, it is participatory and has no time limit. This gives rise to a collective cultural experience and a metaphor for the cyclic nature of the art scene: when the act is finished, the wire is recycled, the work disappears and the empty space is available for new activities.
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  • Peter Baracchi
  • Courtesy: Stadt Zürich / Kunst im öffentichen Raum; Vienna Galleria Fonti, Naples; Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna

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