Katharina GrosseThe Horse Trotted Another Couple of Meters, Then It Stopped

Museum Exhibition
6 Jan8 Apr 2018
Carriageworks has commissioned a large-scale work by renowned German artist Katharina Grosse. Consistent with her recent interest in ‘folding’ space, Grosse has utilised more than 8,000 square metres of fabric, draped and knotted in direct response to Carriageworks’ architecture. Using a spray gun, Grosse has created a multilayered painting on the surfaces and folds of the fabric, resulting in a sublime and otherworldly environment.
At Carriageworks, Grosse has challenged the conventions of painting in a new approach that is both epic and sculptural. She is compelled by the possibilities that painting holds, the space it can occupy in our lives, and the many ways in which it lives in the world. For her, painting is a way of both thinking and feeling that allows her to retain a sense of immediacy and urgency. Thus, her gestures unfold, all at the same time, in a stream of pure colour, plunging the viewer into the depths of her toxic sublime. Presented by Carriageworks and Anna Schwartz Gallery.
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  • Zan Wimberley
  • Courtesy: Carriageworks and Gagosian
  • © Katharina Grosse and VG Bild-Kunst Bonn

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