KATHARINA GROSSEWolke in Form eines Schwertes

Museum Exhibition
Moderne Galerie
1 Apr4 Sept 2022
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The exhibition focuses on the works on canvas from the series Wolke in Form eines Schwertes [Cloud in the Form of a Sword] completed in 2020, complemented here by the artist’s most recent works. The canvases from the cycle were painted en plein air in New Zealand, with the materials used referencing the location in which the works were created. The artist incorporates twigs from the mānuka shrub native to New Zealand into her works, which comprise an assemblage of natural materials, canvas fragments and expressive colors. The combination of media rhythmically sequences the canvas works sustained by vibrant colors and haptic sensations. The fragments of the natural world integrated into the paintings simultaneously transposes the natural outdoor space into the closed and contained setting of the museum. With Wolke in Form eines Schwertes, visitors in Saarbrücken have the opportunity to experience Katharina Grosse’s latest canvas works, their full visual impact showcased to advantage in the spacious extension of the Moderne Galerie.
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  • Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesitz / Felix Krebs
  • Courtesy: Saarlandmuseum / Moderne Galerie
  • © Katharina Grosse und VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2022

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