Kiesler heuteWerkdialoge mit Zeitgenoss:innen

Current Museum Group Exhibition
Kunsthaus Zug
9 Jun6 Oct 2024
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Frederick Kiesler remained largely unknown in Switzerland until the exhibition "Us, You, Me" at the Kunsthaus Zug. However, his interdisciplinary oeuvre serves as a source of inspiration for artists worldwide and is therefore highly influential. The exhibition ‘Kiesler today’ showcases 16 artists from different generations and nations from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. They selected specific works for the exhibition and are creating new ones. As a result, the dialogue-based exhibition grows into a collective process and develops into a transformation of the first exhibition “Frederick Kiesler – Us, You, Me”. The exhibition is intended to provide new insights into the relevance of Kiesler's work and stimulate creativity and imagination. Alongside, the Berlin based Studio Other Spaces (SOS) is presenting their model of their pre-project for the expansion of the Kunsthaus Zug.
On our new website, you can keep up to date with the creation and development of this experimental exhibition and the expansion of the Kunsthaus Zug and share your thoughts, suggestions and questions with us.
Featuring Olafur Eliasson, Heidulf Gerngross, Eric Hattan, Michael Kienzer, Karl-Heinz Klopf, Peter Kogler, Sara Masüger, Bruce Nauman, Christoph Rütimann, Peter Sandbichler, Adrian Schiess, Thomas Schütte, Roman Signer, Kerstin Stoll, Studio Other Spaces, Diana Thater, Heimo Zobernig.
Curated by Matthias Haldemann and Fabienne Loosli (assistance)
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