Face-à-Faceincluding Works by Helmut Federle

Museum Group Exhibition
CuratorsMarie-Noëlle Farcy
assisted by Vanessa Lecomte
8 Oct 20222 Apr 2023
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Face-à-Face (Face to Face) proposes a new dialogue between two museum collections. It establishes connections between works by major figures of the modern avant-garde in Germany and France and those of contemporary artists from around the world. Questions of metamorphosis, the transformation of matter, optical phenomena and the perception of space are present throughout this exhibition in the East Gallery. The works shown highlight a diversity of formal experimentation, as well as the willingness of artists to challenge social and political structures.
The cross-border project Face-à-Face will be held simultaneously at the Mudam in Luxembourg and at the Saarlandmuseum in Saarbrucken. As a counterpoint to the dialogue between the modern and contemporary works of art from both collections that will unfold in Luxembourg, a large selection from the Mudam Collection will be shown in Germany.
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  • Rémi Villaggi
  • Courtesy: Mudam Luxembourg
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