Jessica StockholderNomadic Musings

Current Museum Exhibition
Frac Normandie
10 Jul 20233 Oct 2024
Jessica Stockholder has often traveled to make works on site. The title of this exhibition « Nomadic Musings » recognizes the import of travel both in relation to the works Stockholder travels to make, and in relation to the many kinds of materials and objects she uses to make all of her works – materials which are manufactured in myriad places, and travel to her studio. The exhibition brings together four strands of work that in different ways explore how meaning arises at the edges – where materials meet each other and where the work meets its context.
A new work that takes the space of the Frac Normandie in Sotteville-lès-Rouen into account – The Thing, the Line, 2023 – consists of a large monochrome mural extending over the two floors of the Frac. This flat shape is in dialogue with a heavy rope and some metal elements inspired by various objects found in Rouen. The work is part of a series of recent pieces entitled « Specific Shapes plus Object ».
A second group of works consists of sculptures made by the artist in her studio. Made from a wide variety of new and used materials; these assemblages in the end transcend the sum of their parts.
Assist: Rider is part of a series of recent sculptures that can’t stand on their own. Each Assist is strapped to a prop (artworks, furniture, etc.) selected by the artist or curator. Stockholder describes the relationship between these assembled objects as « symbiotic »: a mutually beneficial relationship between two different entities. For this exhibition, the two perforated steel panels that make up the sculpture are associated with a modernist sculpture and a Norman armoire found on site. These elements work together like prostheses, stakes or grafts.
Finally, also included are a group of collages produced during the artist’s stay in Kathmandu. These employ telephone cables, fragments of clothing and packaging woven together with a traditional Nepalese paper made from the Daphne Shrub or Lokta Bush.
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