Parliament of Plants IIincluding works by Polly Apfelbaum

Museum Group Exhibition
Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
5 May22 Oct 2023
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The exhibition Parliament of Plants II gives a voice to plants. It testifies to a new view of these beings, which are inextricably linked with our own survival. Over the past decades, a paradigm shift has been taking place in the sciences regarding our perception of plants, one that is also reflected in the exhibition's artworks. Following on from Parliament of Plants (2020–21), the show develops a network of cooperations in a range of different disciplines, with guest contributions in the form of 'inserts'.
Parliament of Plants II demonstrates the principle of symbiosis as a societal counter-image to
the parasitic handling of nature. New insights regarding the world of plants feature alongside
the knowledge of Indigenous cultures, questions pertaining to colonial and contemporary history, the handling of resources or our perception of time. The crucial question is: how can we achieve a symbiotic coexistence in which human and non-human beings can learn from each other?
The main themes of two 'raised stands' are Michel Serres' Natural Contract and Lynn Margulis' theory of symbiosis. Co-curated with Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, molecular biologist and historian of science.
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  • Stefan Altenburger Photography, Zurich
  • Courtesy: Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
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