Pintura2023Herbert Brandl
Helmut Dorner
Adrian Schiess
Christopher Wool

Museum Group Exhibition
Curated byUlrich Loock
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
29 May8 Aug 2004
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In this exhibition, ZKM presents the work of three European and one American painters of the middle generation. All four of them are internationally renowned artists. Although they have known about one another and mutually appreciated each other’s work for quite some time, this is the first time they exhibit together.
The artists tie up to the history of modern autonomous painting, but in a critical and heterogeneous fashion. Their works defy the current assumption that painting is a medium amongst others that can be used for definite purposes beyond itself and they also defy any attempts to persevere in the continuation of modernist painting in a historistic fashion.
Herbert Brandl paints both »abstract« and »figurative« paintings. Painting prevents transparency and reflection, the gaze is caught at the picture surface and all the associations of the observer arise from the movements, layers and colours of the material spread out on the canvas. On the other hand, during the last few years Bradl has been painting large-scale landscapes after photographs, changing between the rendition of a real-life model and painterly excess. »Abstraction« and »figuration« are not two mutually exclusive opposites, but modifications of painting, which they absolve of any obligation to a binding ideology.
Over the years, Adrian Schiess has developed several types of work differing in medium and appearance, all of which arise from his analysis of painting. Flat Works are colour-lacquered plates lying on the floor. The surrounding colours and shapes are reflected on the surface so that they are never visible »as such« but only as an appearance. Small-scale paintings, for the most part thickly encrusted with oil paint, operate as a reversal of the reflective, glossy surfaces. Finally, Schiess uses electronic manipulation to produce colour gradients over time which are shown on monitors or projected on walls.
  • Franz Wamhof
  • Courtesy: ZKM
  • © ZKM

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