Post/PostminimalThe Rolf Ricke Collection in dialogue with contemporary artistsincluding works by
Christoph Weber

Museum Group Exhibition
CuratorKonrad Bitterli
Kunstmuseum St.Gallen
1 Feb18 May 2014

not yet titled, 2014, concrete, 58 x 149 x 103 cm

Beton (gewickelt), 2014, concrete, melamin, 14 x 33 x 130 cm

Amassed over decades, the Rolf Ricke collection was acquired jointly in an unprecedented effort by the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein and the Museum für Moderne Kunst (MMK) Frankfurt. And so the museum in St.Gallen possesses an important group of works of postminimalist art, which can now be shown together for the first time, complemented by curated loans from private and public collections, as well as by works by St. Gallen-based artist, Roman Signer, who took important inspiration for his own work from Harald Szeemann's Live in Your Head. Yet in the spirit of former gallerist, Rolf Ricke, the primary focus of the exhibition Post / Postminimal is not on what today is generally a heroically glorified past, but instead offers a wider perspective with a deliberate concentration on the present and future.
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  • Christoph Weber
  • Courtesy: Kunstmuseum St.Gallen
  • © Christoph Weber, Kunstmuseum St.Gallen

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