Michał Budny
Vittorio Santoro

Museum Group Exhibition
Kunstmuseum Luzern
31 Oct 202231 Jan 2023
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The line connects the sculptural work of Michał Budny (*1976) and that of Vittorio Santoro (*1962), given that both their works begin with the drawn line.
Michał Budny is interested in the character of spaces, their volumes, their cracks and the spots where different materials collide. His rhythmic drawings and fragile sculptures are site-specific and serve to clarify his thoughts. He uses so-called poor materials intentionally and reveals delicate processes. Light and shade, transience and gravity convey precarious balances.
The departure point for Vittorio Santoro’s work is the line as a script that — on paper or as neon on a wall — communicates ideas. He calls his objects, films and installations “sculptural situations” by means of which he addresses linguisticphilosophical, existential or literary themes. He also makes reference to the space, be it the public space or the exhibition space, and the titles of his work offer possibilities for multifaceted interpretations.
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