Jongsuk YoonWall Paintings 2020

Museum Exhibition
Nordiska Akvarellmuseet
26 Jan13 Sept 2020

Wall Paintings 2020

In spring 2020, Korean German artist Jongsuk Yoon will create monumental murals in the largest exhibition hall at The Nordic Watercolour Museum. Jongsuk Yoon is presently one of the most inspiring artists on the international art scene, uniting the Western painting tradition with the East Asian.
At first glance, Jongsuk Yoon's paintings seem to belong to the abstract expressionist tradition. She is well acquainted with European and American modernism after long art studies in Europe. However, art traditions of her home country, South Korea, are a strong influence. The paintings are developed during meditation and deep concentration. Her muted colours and frequent changes in perspective, landscape elements and gestures are reminiscent of Asian calligraphy. But beneath the expressive surface tranquillity and silence are hidden.
The artist imbues the works with her personal presence. Jongsuk Yoon describes her creative process as a communication with the painting. “My ideas — she says — take shape on the canvas as I paint. The finished image is not in my head. It is the painting itself that tells me what to do.”
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