Wiener Raumincluding Works by Manfred Pernice

Public Group Exhibition
Curated byLukas Kaufmann and Eva Maria Stadler
Universität für angewandte Kunst
15 Mar14 Apr 2018

Wiener Raum

The City of Vienna responded to the urgent political requirement of the 1920s to create new living space for more than 200,000 people with a comprehensive construction program for municipal buildings. Almost a hundred years later, these community buildings still have specific spatial qualities that are largely ignored in current housing programs.
The exhibition Wiener Raum (Viennese Space), based on a seminar at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, deals with the question of spatial qualities from the perspective of art. It links questions of municipal housing with aesthetic concepts of Austrian sculpture.
In addition to dealing with spatial and formal problems such as size and proportion, function and material, sculptural and spatial arrangements are examined and reread through the appropriation of spaces, measurement of cubatures, the staging of spatial lines, door jambs, window niches, thresholds and transitions. The focus is not only on the concepts of sculpture or space itself, but also on the relationship between body and space, object and subject, perception and action, situation and action, in order to give space a political dimension again.
With Works by Eva Chytilek, Josef Dabernig, Verena Dengler, Friedl Dicker, Friederike Domnosil, Sebastian Doplbaur, Heinrich Dunst, Lauren Dupont, Melanie Ebenhoch, Josef Frank, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Lone Haugaard Madsen, Thomas Hitchcock, Simon Iurino, Lukas Kaufmann, Eric Kläring, Krüger/Pardeller, Sonia Leimer, Ernst Lichtblau, Marco Lulić, Lotte Lyon, Lucy McKenzie, Christoph Meier und Liesl Raff, Imre Nagy, Manfred Pernice, Johannes Porsch, Margarethe Schütte-Lihotzky, Nora Schultz, Franz Singer, Maria Lucia Stadlmayer, Oskar Strnad, Mirjam Thomann, Sofie Thorsen, Jenni Tischer, Amelie von Wulffen, Heimo Zobernig, Anna Zwingl.
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  • Courtesy: Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
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