Zwischen weißen Wänden…20 Jahre PEAC Museum, eine Ausstellung in zwei Aktenincluding works by Imi Knoebel, Günter Umberg and Adrian Schiess

Current Museum Group Exhibition
PEAC – Paul Ege Art Collection
Freiburg i. Br.
17 Feb21 Jul 2024
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PEAC Museum is turning 20! Opening on February 18, 2024, the anniversary exhibition Between white walls… tells the story of a collection: it traces the evolution of a museum from its beginnings as a single individual’s passion to an open and vibrant place for everyone.
The anniversary exhibition Between white walls… will feature around 70 works from the collection. Among them are new acquisitions that are being exhibited for the first time. The show features works that were groundbreaking for the PEAC Museum and continue to shape its identity to this day.
The exhibition draws associative, thematic and art-historical links between the works, thus widening the focus from just the collection itself to exhibition practices as a whole. What changes when works of art are presented together? What stories are constructed, what connections or contradictions emerge, and how does this space between the white walls function?
While the collection forms the thematic anchor of the exhibition, the narrative is by no means static. The exhibition is composed of two acts: the first act explicitly invites visitors to share their perspectives and help shape the way the collection is presented. PEAC Museum thus becomes a space for exchange and coming together, not only within the museum and “between the white walls”, but also extended into outdoor space: for the first time, a new installation by artist Zora Kreuzer (*1986 in Bonn, lives and works in Berlin) will be shown on the exterior façade of PEAC Museum.
In the exhibition’s second act (from June 7, 2024), the museum will be transformed once again and will show the future winner(s) of the Paul Ege Art Prize 2024 alongside the collection works on display. The prize is awarded every three years in cooperation with the city of Freiburg and is aimed at emerging artists from the tri-border region who are selected by an independent jury of experts.

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