Daguerre’s SoupChristian Kosmas Mayer

Museum Group Exhibition
Curated and staged byChristian Kosmas Mayer
with Veronika Rudorfer
Kunstforum Wien
11 Apr16 Jun 2019
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The FOTOGRAFIS collection has a special position within the UniCredit Bank Austria art collection: Starting in 1976, it began its collecting activity that conceived of photography as an artistic medium and built up a representative cross-section of the history of international photography. The central positions of artistic photography – from the beginnings of the medium in the 1840s to the 1980s – are gathered in FOTOGRAFIS.
For the exhibition DAGUERRE'S SOUP. Christian Kosmas Mayer x FOTOGRAFIS, the artist, Christian Kosmas Mayer, takes on the role of curator and creates an individual narrative of the photographic medium – characterized by new forms of presentation and reception of photography – in the tresor at Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien.
Christian Kosmas Mayer, born in Sigmaringen in 1976, studied at the Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, lives and works in Vienna.
With contemporary positions by Heinrich Dunst, Manuel Gorkiewicz, Karin Sander and Sophie Thun.
The project is part of FOTO WIEN.
  • Hannes Böck
  • Courtesy: Kunstforum Wien
  • © Kunstforum Wien

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