Daniel KnorrLaundry, 2019
Canvas, acrylic paint, Car wash unit

Public Event
In collaboration with Meyer Riegger
Art Basel
Unlimited 2019
13 Jun16 Jun 2019
The work of Daniel Knorr readdresses historical, sociopolitical, economic, and biopolitical issues within the art context, taking conceptual and often participatory approaches.
In Athens, for Documenta 14 (2017), Knorr acted as a contemporary archeologist collecting objects left on the city’s streets, which were subsequently pressed into books before the eyes of the audience. In Kassel, some months later, he had white smoke rise from the Zwehrenturm tower for the work Expiration Movement. In 2013, Knorr began the ‘Depression Eletaxions’ series, for which he creates beautiful transparent-colored wall sculptures from casts of potholes.
In Laundry, assembled canvases in the shape of cars have been painted by a modified car wash, transforming the fetishistic moment of industrial car washing into the creative and sensual materialization of an artistic practice. The viewer becomes witness to a happening in which the mechanical application of paint to the car-canvases evokes associations with historic and contemporary painting.
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