Did you eat today 2nd Editionincluding Works by Sonia Leimer

Museum Group Exhibition
Lothringer 13 Halle
17 Jan29 Jan 2023

Pink Lady, 2018
Video Loop 7’07’’

The video offers insight into the annual Apple Crown ritual of the city of Merano, during which a wooden crown is decorated with apples. Leimer documents the interaction between work and tradition, and in the subtitles she describes the changes in fruit growing as a result of the monitoring instituted since Italy joined the Economic Union: the reduction and loss of the range of varieties, transformations in the landscape, and the standardization of cultivars. In the video, the artist subverts the primeval character of the ritual by having the varieties of apples traditionally used replaced with the standardized, trademarked “Pink Lady” apple.

Did you eat today 2nd Edition

The program series “Did you eat today?” is interested in food culture(s) and food as an (im)material cultural asset, food politics, food production and distribution, agriculture as well as subjective and cultural history(s), traces and memories that are connected to dishes, drinks and eating as well as preparation rituals. The format also aims to address wider topics around body absorption, which may include body fluids, pharmaceutical products, aphrodisiac or psychedelic substances et al.
In addition to the artistic works, we open a street food corner in the hall, which reacts to the video works shown and in which certain dishes are served, associated with the respective program. Street food stands are idiosyncratic, often provisional spaces—less architecture than functional urban infrastructures. This creates spaces for encounters for different social groups that are situated in parking areas, on street corners, near stops and stations or other transit locations.
The second edition continues the questions about a broader understanding of food culture(s) as well as the social space of street food stands and adds the dimension of agriculture. It is focused on works that are interested in the knowledge and efforts that are intrinsic to cultivation methods, the cultivation of new varieties and seeds.
With works by Haya Alghanim, Sonia Leimer, Åsa Sonjasdotter with activations by Punctures (Alfredo Zinola, Micaela Kühn, Maxwell McCarthy) with support by Carpar Plautz, Munich and Stray Coffee Roasters.

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