FUN FEMINISMincluding Works by Polly Apfelbaum and Karin Sander

Museum Group Exhibition
Kunstmuseum Basel / Gegenwart
24 Sept 202219 Mar 2023
Even today, works by female artists are still underrepresented in the Kunstmuseum Basel collection. The same is true for leading art museums around the world. Now as before, women still need to assert their importance as protagonists of (Western) art history.
For over half a century, artists, art historians, gallerists, collectors and curators have been working to represent female perspectives in the visual arts within exhibition spaces, museums, publications, and archives. In particular by linking feminist themes with humour, artists create works that function at once as a means of activism and a call to action. Comedy and satire are multifaceted means of expressing an artistic-feminist stance that prompt a shared, liberating laughter. As the American literary scholar bell hooks put it twenty years ago, “Feminism is for everybody”.
  • Max Ehrengruber
  • Courtesy: Kunstmuseum Basel
  • © Kunstmuseum Basel

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