LANDSCAPES OF DESIREThe 4th Industrial Art Biennialincluding works by Sonia Leimer and Karin Sander

Public Event
Curated byChristoph Doswald and Paolo Bianchi
Industrial Art Biennial
Pula, Raša, Labin, Rijeka
13 May31 Jul 2023
Focus of the 4th Industrial Art Biennial is post-industrialisation, as it plays a crucial role in the current period of upheaval in the Antropocene. Christoph Doswald and Paolo Bianchi invited 29 artists and commissioned a large number of site specific projects, addressing issues of economic sustainability, cultural diversity, climate change, etc.. Landscapes of Desire is relying on the power of networking to overcome the boundaries of political and social borders. Artworks are sensory tools and methods to successfully challenge thought-patterns. “We need more artful thinking for a sustainable world”, state the curators. The 4th Industrial Art Biennial is conceived as an experimental laboratory, re-shaping the rich social, economical and cultural topography of Istria.
SONIA LEIMER, Dust From Near and Far, 2023
bronze, aluminum
Location: Augustus Temple, Pula
Sonia Leimer’s Dust Sculptures are based on dust particles collected in the city of Pula, Croatia. Analyzed under a microscope, these particles were found to consist of human-made industrial dust as well as cosmic dust. While the artificial particles refer to the industrial history of the city of Pula, the cosmic dust was created during a long journey through space and entering the earth’s atmosphere. Less than one millimeter in size, these specks were photographed under a microscope and served as a template for the artist’s bronze and aluminum casts. In this way, Leimer’s sculptures reveal something that is both immediately connected to the city of Pula and normally invisible. Presented in the almost 2,000-year-old Temple of Augustus, the enlarged dust particles engage in a dialogue with the surrounding architecture, while linking the city where they were found with both its industrial history and the virtually infinite expanse of outer space.
KARIN SANDER, Point of Interest, 2023
light sculpture, 470 x 250 x 3 cm
Location: Church of St. Barbara, Raša
The categorization of art and the art business are Karin Sander's fields of work. She addresses questions and conditions of creation, exhibition, mediation, commercialization and curating and elevates these aspects to working fields of her own art. For the 4th Industrial Biennal, Landscape of Desire, Karin Sander examines the Church of St. Barbara, which is dedicated to the patron saint of mine workers. The church is centrally located in Raša, designed in 1937 by Gustavo Pulitzer Finali, it is not only an idiosyncratic modernist sacred building, but also a monument to the eventful history of the Istrian peninsula. The 25-metre-high bell tower is modelled on a miner's lamp, as is the town's coat of arms. At this prominent and highly visible location of analogue culture, Karin Sander has placed the centerpiece of digital localization: the Google Sign 'Point of Interest', abbreviated POI. By superimposing, even synthesizing globally recognized codes – the cross and the POI – the artist succeeds in building a surprising bridge.
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