Sonia LeimerSpace Junk

Museum Exhibition
Curated byLetizia Ragaglia and Frida Carazzato
10 Oct 202031 Jan 2021
The starting point for Sonia Leimer’s art is her research on objects and materials with a cultural, social, historical or personal meaning. The themes of architecture, work and globalisation also play a central role.
Through a large installation specifically created for the space at the Museion, the artist reflects on the critical issues that underpin our desires and fears, but also contemporary threats to our living environments. In this way, her series of Space Junk sculptures, which reproduce the waste that has fallen to earth from spaceships and unused satellites, becomes the title of the exhibition. On one hand, these lumps of space waste point to technical progress that offers humanity new opportunities for the future, while on the other, they embody the ecological and ethical problems that this invisible infrastructure carries with it. These works are therefore paradigmatic of the entire exhibition, which looks at our present world from different perspectives. It is a present shaped by utopian ideas of modernity, but which has now been forced to confront dystopian visions of a future in a state of permanent crisis. And the fact that the exhibition is staged against the background of a global pandemic further underlines the relevance and topicality of the issues raised here.
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