Sonia LeimerUndefiniertes Bauvorhaben

Permanent Installation
30 Jan 2013
Sonia Leimer’s Undefined Building Construction is situated in the yard of a school where 2,000 students are trained in architecture. Leimer was interested in developing a sculptural intervention that responds to the qualities of the site, a sculpture that spatializes the question of form and function. Her Undefined building project consists of a wall, stairs, a platform, and a passage. Its appearance is that of a fragment of architecture, an unfinished detail of something that will never be built. As a result, this object is undefined in relation to its function, leaving students the freedom to decide how they can appropriate it. Its wall shields the view from the school building and creates an unmonitored spot – a stairway that can also be used to sit and hang out on. At the same time, this stairway and the platform act as a tribune for the nearby sports field, and power outlets enable laptops or speakers for playing music to be plugged in, for example. Overall, this fragment of a building that seems to lack all function allows a multitude of purposes and gives both freedom and responsibility to the students who use it.
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